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I never would have thought your company would go after resumes posted on career sites ,why waste people valuable time i asked tge person who contacts me how he foumd me and he said by my resume, tgen i asked h where on my resume does it say financial services he coild bot answer me please call your agent and tell him stop it i was om the business to with primamerica i never on my life thought you gus where that desperate to get agents the... Read more

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Worst place ever to eork for spent $100 fir an aplication and never received a response after

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When I got my Prime America Life Insuranc, I was told the premiums would always stay the same. Now, 18+ years later, they are almost tripling my premiums. I am on Social Security and cannot afford this. After paying them $20K, I am being cheated....don't fall for this. Do not by Prime America. You can't afford it when you get old. Of course, you can pay only 1 1/2 the amount for 1/2 the coverage. Of course, the new agent tried to shoot me a line... Read more

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I'm being charged money and I do not use this company at all.

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Calls are not returned. To make a payment you have to go online, not speak to someone. Premiums giher than other companys

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Very poor customer service. I cannot hear the menu plus it is confusing to me. I am on the road using a cell phone with mu speaker on i get about 50% of different menu. I can not leave message nor send email. I do not know how to get in to contact you I have tried many primerica site. How do i fond you The next draw from account will be block. I want to change bank. I can not understand how to do it6 i can not understand the... Read more

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I started not to write but everyone should know the type of scam they are running..First off DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ACCOUNT INFO!!! They will take money out of your account without your knowledge that is until u get a statement then whatever quote u sit down and negotiate will not be your actual fee they will go up and up on the "quote" anyways I had to change my account number for them to stop and since then I have been harassed unfortunately I... Read more

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I purchased a 10,000 policy at age 40 at around a rate $23.00 a month, with the hope that the policy would convert to a flexible premium or that the premium would not change. Wow when i turned 60 i received a note given me the option to continue my policy at a rate of $74.00. I was in shock wandering how am i going to keep my policy open at this rate.( great different coming from my budget) this lead me to act fast knowing that they were going... Read more

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My wife and I had prime America for years they sent my wife a prescription form to write down her prescriptions and send it back they canceled her and she'll is because they said that she might commit suicideI was not taking any prescriptions and they canceled mine to what was the reason thousands of dollars down the drain they are just scam artists Read more

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My husband died in a fatal car accident last summer. We have two children together, a toddler and an infant. We had a friend that just started working with Prime America a couple weeks before my husband's passing. He kept on nagging us sitting down with him to help him with his training. He tried to make us buy insurance but we didn't want to. But, then he explained how it would help him get a promotion so we ended up getting a $500k policy on... Read more

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