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I was looking for insurance quote. She told me she needed my bank info to get a quote. Which I did. Then they took out money. Plus they also took other amounts out too. I haven't had my money returned when I filed a complaint. It has been about two years now. I don't have any return emails or calls from these ppl. I want to reopen my bank account. My bank is expecting me to pay this back. Which I... Read more

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I received a text from a Primerica advisor. That is what the card said. The second card that I received which replaced the initial food stained card that I received the first time. The Regional Vice President according to the card scheduled an appointment on New Years day. From a H.R. standpoint. The near mention that he was looking to make the company more diverse was already boarder line. But... Read more

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So sad when representatives knowingly prey on vulnerable impoverished community.Do to their positions at church.Cancelled my policy per their cancellation policy.They continued to attempt to run it through my bank account.After the fact.Causing me to accrue these fees.And inevitably closing my bank account all together.Beware do not do business with them.Especially if you meet them at church! Read more

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I had been a Primerica life insurance customer for approximately 20 years. I never missed a payment. After divorcing an extremely abusive (convicted multiple felon) husband associated with major government corruption and organized crime, I missed one payment. This was due to me and my children being terrorized at the time. Serious criminal/civil/human rights abuses were being perpetrated against... Read more

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I am so mad. Infact beyond mad. How can a account go down almost $4000. in 6 months. A hundred or so, I can understand, but almost $4000. Then on top of that they want another $3000 of it for me to surrender it. This was my inheritance from my father and I am loosing it. This was my retirement I was going to use it for. I was told by agent that the plan was so good that they were switching... Read more

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I am sorry, I aloud my family to leave their old insurance, to join Prime American Insurance company, we had no problems reaching our agency as long as we were trying to join, but after we join, our agent always having problems with her phone, not only she will not answer her phone, the vice-president will no longer take calls, we have questions, agent refusal to answer phone WOW this is scary, ... Read more

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I lost my job and can't afford to pay my premiums any longer. I called Prime America and wasn't aware that I couldn't cash it in. So have thrown away 3,546.04 . I do have a year from today to restart the current policy. Screwed and didn't enjoy it!! Add comment

They sent my elderly mother with Alhzheimers disease what appeared to be a bill in the amount of $400 for a policy she did not have. Add comment

for starter the reason the employees are like that is because they hire anybody basically what they do is they pick people off the street these people pay the company $100 they get their tools and they go to some classes and that's how they get started on selling insurance but the class is only like three days I was one of them however I did leave I left because although I was very much involved... Read more

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I purchased three life insurance policies. I paid the premiums due however, I have not received the policies. My agents have called and made appointments to bring the policies to me however, they never show up. I called several times. I'm promised the policies will be delivered but, on the day of delivery. The Agents call to reschedule. I asked them to cancel my policies. I will go to a... Read more

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